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Here's what a few of our clients have said about our appraisal and consulting services: (excerpts from actual letters)

"We have used Asset Valuation Consultants since 1993 and have always had their appraisals accepted by all our investors without them having questions or concerns. Their professionalism is outstanding and their service is excellent".
(Branch Manager, national mortgage company)

"We have found their appraisals to be consistently accurate and delivered in a timely manner. They are friendly and professional. It is a pleasure doing business with AVC".
(V.P. Branch Manager, national mortgage company)

"The Asset Valuation Consultants' staff has provided excellent appraisal service.... We have found their work to be exceptional and the quality of service provided by them to be very efficient and courteous. All orders have been processed before the actual due date".
(Loan processor, national mortgage company)

"Just a note to thank you for the excellent job you performed with regard to the recent appraisal for one of our clients on a home involved in an Estate. We appreciate having the opportunity to work with you. The appraisals that you have undertaken for us have been professionally and timely performed. We also appreciate your thorough testimony as an expert witness, and look forward to using your services again in the near future".
(Denver attorney)

"Asset Valuation Consultants' work, which has always involved the use of the ERC appraisal format, has been timely and accurate which is of extreme importance to us. They take a great deal of pride in being thorough and responsive. Also, they assisted us in setting up an in-house review appraiser position and were instrumental in working with us to finalize the job description. I can highly recommend their appraisal ability, particularly in the relocation area". (V.P., National relocation company)

"We have found Asset Valuation Consultants to be excellent providers of machinery & equipment appraisals that meet all of our bank requirements and regulations. They do a very thorough and professional job and we couldn't be more pleased with their services".
(V.P., National bank in Southeast Denver)

"Asset Valuation Consultants have provided appraisal and consulting services for the bank for several years. They are experienced in special property valuation techniques and we believe their quality to be very good and their service to be excellent.  More recently we have started to use them exclusively for all of our machinery & equipment appraisals".
(V.P. of Credit Operations, National bank with offices throughout the Denver metro area)

From a recent letter to one of our senior staff appraisers:
"We just wanted to let you know that we do appreciate your efforts in making our business go smoother. We know that we can be a little demanding on fairly short notice, so we wanted to say thank you. For the record, be ready to be extra busy because we're going to be sending a lot of business your way".
(Two loan officers with a national mortgage company)

"The staff at Asset Valuation Consultants always accommodates us in a prompt, professional and highly competent manner. We are pleased with using them exclusively".
(Credit Union loan officer)

"Asset Valuation Consultants' reports always contain thorough analysis and in-depth research. They have the experience and competence to complete a variety of residential appraisal assignments. Not only do they have a sound foundation of appraisal experience, but they have a very personable and professional demeanor".
(former appraisal associate, SRA designated)

Comments from the review department of a national appraisal service firm regarding a recent staff appraisal:
"In this industry, the quality of the product we deliver to our customer is of most importance. We complete quality control reviews on randomly selected appraisals, and are happy to report that we are very pleased with the review on the referenced file. It is with partners like yourself that we will insure our standing as a quality provider of appraisal services. We thank you for your dedication and hard work".

Recent field review by the Chief Appraiser at the U.S. Dept of HUD, Denver Office regarding an FHA appraisal:
Appraisal Rating results (on scale of 1 to 5): 5 (excellent)